Using Skout Can Benefit Those Who Like To Travel

I am a part of the social media network Skout, and I just joined it this past summer. It only took me a few minutes to sign up for the network, and afterwards, I was chatting to people like crazy. I’ve talked to people in dozens of countries around the world, because Skout is available in over 180 countries.

Not only have I talked to people in other countries, I’ve now been able to virtually visit other countries as well. Although I prefer to travel in real life, using the Skout travel feature, I’ve been able to virtually travel to several destinations. When traveling to the destinations, I’m able to look around, see pictures, and learn tons of things about the area. I’ve become very fascinated with Beijing, China, and I’ve decided that it will be my next destination. I’ve virtually traveled to Beijing at least five times, and I’m going to travel there in the next year.

I’m able to learn every and anything about Beijing, just by using Skout Travel feature. Because I know so much about the location, I’ve even shared some information with others, and it even helps me in my class. I go to school at the University, and I have a class about different cultures. I’ve interjected some information about Beijing, China, and many are totally surprised at what I know, because I’m a young black woman. I really owe all my knowledge about Beijing, China to Skout, because the virtual travel feature allows me to learn so much. I’ve even met a friend from Beijing.

I’ve talked to a few people from Beijing, China, but one person in particular stood out to me. I have talked to the person for months now, and I know exactly who I’m going to trust to be my tour guide, once I arrived in the country. I will be traveling, once I graduate college. My parents have offered me a trip to anywhere in the world, and you can bet that Beijing will be my destination of choice. I let my friend know that I would be coming to the country soon, and we can’t wait to meet in person.

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  1. Harmony Hassan

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