Weather Conditions Cause a Plane to Skid into a Fence at LaGuardia Airport

Snow was falling in New York this morning, and a combination of the snow and ice resulted in a scary situation at the New York LaGuardia Airport. At approximately 11:10am on Thursday Morning, Delta Flight 1086 skidded off the runway and into a chain-link fence. The flight was arriving from Atlanta with 131 passengers and crew on board. Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. However, 24 people did obtain non-life threatening injuries with 3 people being transported to the local hospital.

According to Marc Sparks the weather conditions in New York have been horrible for flights. At the time of the plane landing there was freezing fog and snowfall. As a result of Flight 1086’s crash, LaGuardia Airport was shut down. The airport does not expect to be open until at least 7pm Thursday night.Many of the passengers on the plane expressed their terror over the scary incident, but also relief that it was not more serious.  Soon after he was safely off the plane, the tight end posted a picture on Instagram of the plane stuck in the fence. In the photo passengers can be seen leaving the plane from a side door. The ground is completely covered with snow, and the sky is dark with fresh snow fall.

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