When Matthew Fleeger Took Over At Gulf Coast Western, He Was Continuing On In A Distinguished Family Tradition

The distinguished industry reputation of Gulf Coast Western is based upon the firm’s ability to create success by way of the use of talented individuals combined with a deep knowledge of the gas and oil industry, and the utilization of valuable resources. Among the most talented individuals associated with the firm is Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fleeger. He has led the firm to new heights as its top executive and he is also the son of the company’s founder. At Gulf Coast, the primary goal is the develop domestic gas and oil resources that are acquired through diligent exploratory procedures. The success of the company has led it to become the Joint Ventures’ Managing Venture. As the CEO at Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has worked tirelessly to build strong and transparent relationships with valuable partners.

Before he came back to his family roots with Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger had the experience of forming and running his own company. This operation, known as MedSolutions, became a leader in providing medical waste disposal and management services. Matthew Fleeger headed up MedSolutions for nearly a decade and a half as he worked as its Chief Executive Officer. He was eventually able to sell the firm for an impressive $59 million when the Stericycle firm approached him about acquiring the firm. After ending this important chapter of his professional life, Matthew Fleeger returned to his roots by taking over his family business at Gulf Coast Western.

Gulf Coast Western

It was a landmark moment for Matthew to take on the Chief Executive Officer role at the oil and gas firm that his father had initially founded in 1970. When Matthew took the reigns as CEO in 2007, he went into a campaign to further strengthen the company’s business model. Matthew is committed to success at Gulf Coast Western, but he is equally committed as a family man. His days start with some time with his children before he enters the office and gets his day going. Arriving early to start his day is a regular habit as he continues to push the firm in the direction of growth and heightened profitability.

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