Why Chris Burch Has Put A Lot Into Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch has put a lot of effort into property developments over the years, and his latest great investment is in Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, a multimillion dollar property in Indonesia. Business Insider actually rated it as the “World’s Best Hotel” due to the fascinating design and the allure of the resort as a whole. On this very property you can also find Chris Burch’s mega mansion with a lot of artwork and features that rival those of other billionaires like Bill Gates and even Donald Trump. Burch has made it big in real estate because he’s built so many other businesses from scratch over the years.  Read his views on matters around his area of focus, check entrepreneur.com.

Chris Burch started his business startup career back in the 1970s while he and his brother were in college. It began with sweater manufacturing where the two businessmen would buy sweaters from a local factory and then resell them for a profit, and in time they had enough to buy their own apparel outlet. They named the company Eagle Eye Apparel and ran it until the late 1990s before selling it for over $60 million. In the meantime he had also invested in an internet technology and financial services company, and in 2004 also financed the Tory Burch fashion company.  More to read here.

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Around the mid-2000s, Chris Burch started Burch Creative Capital to find disruptive companies that had tremendous potential to take on big companies. He also offered guidance to Ellen DeGeneres to launch her own lifestyle brand that can be found at ED.com. Burch’s first real estate investment came in 2004 when he became a partner with an Argentine company that built the Faena Hotel+Universe which is one of Buenos Aires’s biggest luxury hotels. From there he became a frequent investor in turning properties across the east coast. From a $14 million home he turned around in the Hamptons to his current Nihiwatu home, Burch has made his mark in the real estate world.  Visit an entrepreneur’s getaway, hit architecturaldigest.com.

Take a tour to his awesome resort investment on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7

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