Why Nina Vaca Is a Source of Inspiration to the Next Generation

In an apartment with only $300 and a simple Dell computer, Nina Vaca knew the power she had to change her destiny. With no entrepreneurship experience or the massive capital to launch a big company at once, Vaca established her business and started cold calling corporations. She offered IT services that she believed she could deliver. Her company, Pinnacle Group, began making tangible revenues and winning more clients.

In between marriage and raising kids, Vaca had to focus on building her empire. Although she had a few struggles along the way, she was determined to make a story out of it. Today, Pinnacle Group has grown into the status she envisioned and has broken into the billion-dollar club. Pinnacle ranks among the fastest growing women-owned companies in the world. Vaca earned recognition, and Barack Obama appointed her Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.

Vaca is Ecuadorian by birth. Her background exposed her to real struggles long before she made it. Vaca is determined to empower minorities, women, and youth to succeed in their careers or establish businesses. Through her involvement with the Dallas ISD STEM program, Vaca has reached thousands and helped them find their strengths.

In 2016, when earthquakes hit her home country, Vaca rose into action. She channeled donations, support, and other resources into saving lives and helping the victims rebuild their lives. Recently, she built 40 houses in honor of the homeless victims of the earthquake. Vaca has demonstrated the art of kindness and even founded a charity organization, Nina Vaca Foundation. The organization specializes in charity activities in different parts of the world.

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