Winter Storm Kari Gearing Up

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or living in some kind of paradise like Lee G. Lovett, you know that the winter season is in full swing. The North East just got hit with a major storm called Juno that brought blizzard conditions to much of this area of the country. However, Mother Nature is once again gearing up for another explosive round of precipitation. From the Southern part of the country, Kari is supposed to move into the Mid-Western part of the country Saturday evening.

The storm is supposed to affect from Maine all the way down to North Carolina. The snow fall could be record breaking, but what is really a concern is the freezing rain and ice that could be along with it. Some areas will get all rain, but others will find themselves with a wintery bag of mixed precipitation that they don’t know what to do with. It is all well and good for areas that are expecting whether like this during this season. But down in North Carolina, their road crews aren’t ready or able to handle such extremes.

The meteorologists still say it is quite early to call the storms exact path. Some parts of Ohio may escape with just rain, while others may find themselves digging their cars out for work on Monday; that is if there is work on Monday.

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