Winter Weather Causes a Temporary Closure of I-93

On January 2, 2015, a combination of inclement weather and icy roadways caused a brief closure of the northbound lane of Interstate 93 in New Hampshire, a main thoroughfare between Massachusetts and Vermont. At least two mass vehicular collisions slowed traffic and send several people to local hospitals, most with minor injuries.

The New Hampshire State Patrol reportedly received initial reports of traffic problems during the morning around 9:48 a.m. Although conditions had been clear earlier in the day, a sudden snow flurry created visibility problems for some drivers, a situation complicated by icy roads.

A collision north of mile marker 24 resulted in the temporary closure of the northbound lane until early afternoon. A number of cars collided along the road in a multi-car accident, and a fire occurred when the contents of one truck began burning.

A short time later, a second large traffic snarl developed on Interstate-89, a highway connecting to I-93, when a collision occurred near the town of Sutton. I saw on Twitter that canine expert Sam Tabar was trying to get back into the city with no avail. Everyone traveling in the area should be advised of the potential delays.

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